LabStrong Fi-Streem ™ Water Purification Distillation Systems

The difference is clear Fi-Streem distillation systems are the best.
Don't settle for a substitute system.

Fi-Streem III Glass 4 Liter/Hr Water Purification Distillation Still - 208V 15A or 240V 14A

The company’s mission is to design and manufacture laboratory equipment, focusing on product development for tailored high quality lab equipment applications. LabStrong develops concepts into functional, marketable products by listening and responding to customers unique performance requirements.

• Patented vapor trap eliminates carry-over of contaminants in the vapor-borne water droplets
• Totally enclosed still assures safety from breakage or hot surfaces
• Fully automatic microprocessor controls simplify operation and cleaning, while assuring high reliability
• 24-hour automatic control activates still as required to maintain a full reservoir
• Frequency of cleaning is reduced with automatic drain cycle in tap feed models
• Thermistor and heat sensor offer double protection against low water conditions
• For convenience, unit is designed with capabilities for tap or pretreated inlet water
• Automatic start/stop feature when connected to 40 L Storage Tank or 50 L Storage Reservoir
• 1 year warranty

Fi-Streem Distillation Catalog 1/11/2011 See Detail
Fi-Streem III 8 L/hr and 4 BD Operators Manual 4/30/2010 Download


Product Water Capacity (LPH) 4 Liters per hour
Feed Water Pressure

Minimum 10 PSI

to Maximum 80 PSI

Feed Water Type Tap or Pretreated
Feed Water Inlet 1/2'' ID Tubing
Feed Water Op Temp Range 40° - 120°F
Feed Water Cooling Water Temp Rng 40° - 86°F
# of Heaters 2
Volts AC 240VAC or 208VAC
Amps 15A
Depth X Width X Height (In) 15" X 12" X 30"
Operating Weight (lb.) 77lb.
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